DODISOFT is a software company operates in many area. Company developed many projects in nearly all sectors like Industry, Entertaintment, Finance, Medical etc.



We are developing applications for 15 years. We completed more than 150 projects succesfuly within this period. We also made enermous know-how on many platform. You can contact us for any software solution inquiries. Our experienced team will meet your requirements to create best solution for you.

  • app design

    Fast development starts with good software design

    Best applications can be made with only correct platform selection, good architecture design and appropriate planning.

  • app coding

    Coding and optimization require deep know-how

    There are many ways to write a piece of code to handle an operations. We just choose the best and the quickest one.

  • app market

    Marketing is an art. And we do it very good

    Products which cannot be sold, are totaly failed ones. All good products deserve good marketing and advertising. We really know good marketing.

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what is new

  • We Started Making of IOS Applications.

    We proudly introduce our first social cross platform game Tower Combat for free. You can download and install our new game to your mobile phone.

  • Upcoming Projects.

    We already started development of new two social games in multiplatform again. We will share games' first look with you as soon as they are ready to introduce.

latest latest

  • IOS / Android Applications

    By the mean time, we are working on four new business application projects for IOS and Android operating systems. You can also contact us to request your application inquiries.

  • Future Plans

    We have a great idea. Now we are working on this new idea to get it mature. We combined all inspirations into one package and will evaluate each one seperately. This will be a world shaking fully Facebook integrated cross platform social project. Follow Us!