The company has started its activity in 2000 with freelance developers and artists. In following years team became more professional by on each new project. In first four years, company dealt with industrial projects. Next two years main target was financial projects. Pharmacy projects was the scope of following year. Since then company was working on mobile web sites, mobile applications and games on entertaintment sector.

There are more than 150 projects developed in this period. Some of them was in-house developed projects for self-operating. Company still owns many systems and web sites. And profit is made from these web sites and applications over advertising and sales. Another income source is agency jobs and external projects.

Company head office is located in Istanbul/Turkey. Co-Founder is Burak Buyukselcuk and it has 100% of the shares. He also covered CEO and CTO operations of the company

Our mission statement is making the best software solution which requires no manegement after publishing. Our vision statement is to developing the most desirable and world shaking application system.

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  • app design

    Fast development starts with good software design

    Best applications can be made with only correct platform selection, good architecture design and appropriate planning.

  • app coding

    Coding and optimization require deep know-how

    There are many ways to write a piece of code to handle an operations. We just choose the best and the quickest one.

  • app market

    Marketing is an art. And we do it very good

    Products which cannot be sold, are totaly failed ones. All good products deserve good marketing and advertising. We really know good marketing.