Products / Services

We offer very wide range of products and services to our customers. These are content services, desktop solutions, mobile applications and services, industrial solutions, financial solutions, database applications, facebook integrations and entertaintment services. We also offer tailor made software solutions on many platforms. You can contact us to get your inquiries.


  • Mobile Applications

    Future is on mobile. Everyone has a mobile device today which has ability to run applications. You can reach millions over mobile applications. Get In Touch

  • Mobile Games

    There are enormous number of games in the market. And people love to play with them. Why don't you make money on your game? Get In Touch

  • Mobile Web Sites

    Every computer, tablet or mobile phone has a web browser. You can reach your potential customers via your web pages. Get In Touch

  • Database Applications

    Almost all projects need a database to store data. We experienced on many database service products for optimaztion and integrating. Get In Touch

  • Service Applications

    Large scale systems need distributed architecture. Coding a distributed application requires deep know-how, that we already have. Get In Touch

  • Social Media Projects

    Noone can reject the power of social media. Integrating and using of social media, give you reaching power of social media. Get In Touch